We all left our “real” jobs at one point or another, set out on our own journeys, and somehow managed to find each other

At least it keeps us out of the soup lines. Don’t tell anyone we’re having fun!


Team North – Susan

SUSAN aka Myoki, Vasanti

President, Founder, CEO, COOT (chief of odd things)
in charge of everything: design, production, accounting, qc, customer service

Burst out of the womb singing Mahler lieder (songs without words) | Played on a REAL Stradivarius | performed (twice) in Royal Albert Hall | on a buying trip for a dealer, once [legally] once brought a $50,000 cello bow across the border ($100k in 2015 $, probably more) | should really have a bucket list


Team North – Len

LEN aka Sansetsu
Vice-President, old COOT (what it says)
in charge of as little as possible
addicted to
video, photography





Team North – Dave


Fastest Forklifter in the Universe! Dave manages our incoming freight. Keeps costs down by working in the dark. We suspect he grows [edible] mushrooms in his spare time.





Team North – Gill (right)


Totally Awesome Business & ADHD Coach
Invites her dogs’ friends over daily to her place to party. She probably learned everything she needs to know about working with us from her dogs.






Team North – Nathan




Our website Guru, Pittsburgh Web Designer Extraordinaire, Editor & designer of Wanderl’y Magazine, Really Nice Guy, World’s Best Dad and engaged to Renee