Read more about our unique PRICING STRUCTURE  – wholesale-equivalent (direct to consumer pricing).
Our  artisan-crafted in Canada meditation products are SOLD ONLINE ONLY – and sealed by us for your protection.


Have questions about our products? The most current available information is listed on each product page, as well as in our magazine articles. We update these periodically in order to provide useful information, especially for beginning meditation students.


We are a WORKING artisan workshop. We’re not a faceless factory, or a wholesale distributor. We actually make (and use) our meditation cushions, benches, mats & pillows.

We’re really proud of our history of providing excellent customer support and top quality products, and we’ll continue to try to maintain our great reputation.

Although we’ve done so in the past, we no longer provide phone support. This decision wasn’t made lightly. We carefully weighed our online customer experience versus our phone support experience. We listened to your feedback about our website, and read and analyzed all of your emails. And we’ll continue to do so.

We love to talk to customers, new and old, but it’s virtually impossible to provide quality phone and email support AND do our artisan work as well. We might be in one of a few workshops, packing orders, receiving or shipping, or wearing protective gear that can’t be easily removed. We might be working at strange hours compared to a normal business, but that’s the creative life for you!

As well as working on products, we meditate, nap, create artistic works and meditation gardens, design graphics and printed materials for our products, create music, eat and sleep (naps are really important for your health). We work flexible hours, not a 9-5 job. We try to lead a balanced life, and infuse that into our products.


If you have a specific deadline by which you need to receive your order, please let us know (we can’t read minds YET). You’ll find new checkout options at shipping to help let us know.

Please don’t order for a gift or a retreat at the last minute as it’s not possible to give guaranteed delivery dates. We’ll do our best, but at the moment, we don’t do miracles. We do now have an option at checkout to let us know if it’s a gift or for a retreat – we recommend 2 weeks notice (you didn’t decide at the last minute, right?). That’s because there’s no such thing as priority status. Everyone’s order is processed in order. Sometimes we are busy.

We ship coast to coast across Canada (no international or US orders). Please visit our shipping page for current status of any possible postal lock-outs or strikes.

Follow this link for shipping FAQS

General FAQs

1. How to choose a zafu
2. How to choose a zabuton
3. How tall is your bench?
4. Do you offer local pickup?


If you have a tracking number, you can check your shipment’s status online. This is the most up-to-date information available.  •  •


We adhere to PCI Data Security Standards, which help protect the safety of your personal data. It’s serious business.

We are required to encrypt transmission of cardholder data across open, public networks.

In order to separate your account data (billing & shipping addresses, etc) from your credit card details, we use a secure token authorization system. It may look as though it’s all happening on our website, but it really isn’t.

When you create a shopping cart and process a payment, a token is created which identifies your cart to our secure payment provider. We receive a digital handshake back, which means either your payment was authorized by your credit card company, or if it wasn’t, it’s known as a failed authorization. We don’t see any credit card details, and only a secured payment transaction number is stored with your order for our reference.

We can’t do that over the telephone, so we do not accept phone orders. We thank you for your understanding.


If you need assistance with an order, you may contact our helpdesk   email us at  helpdesk  ( at )  northmeditation  ( dot )  com  (replace the words in brackets with the appropriate symbols).

A service ticket will be registered automatically. We can’t guarantee a response, so please check our website help articles.

Please note that we don’t do custom orders. If it’s not listed on our website, we don’t sell it.

NOTE: our helpdesk is for customers only. That means no soliciting of any kind, including spam.


Please note that we take Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation seriously.

  • Businesses: You may NOT send us unsolicited business email, add us to any online or printed directories, or add us to any mailing lists without our consent, implied or express. More details are available here.
  • Individuals: You may use our customer helpdesk to ask questions about our products. You may NOT add us to a mailing list, online or printed directories without our consent, implied or express.
  • If you’re one of our authorized suppliers, and you’ve lost our contact details, it’s really ok to send us a helpdesk email.



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