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Our values

all-together-against-child-labour As Canadians, we enjoy basic rights and freedoms that other Canadians have given their lives for, like universal health care, freedom of speech, labour and employment standards, the right to organize, health and environmental standards, etc.

If we can’t see our workers from day to day, we can’t be sure they are being treated fairly, or that the environment is being respected and protected for future generations. So we don’t employ temporary foreign workers, home-sewers, piece-workers, or subcontract work out to third-world countries.

We recently learned of protest campaigns in India by child labourers – who represent up to 60% of the workers in just one popular textiles region employed by some large and not-so-large yoga manufacturers/wholesalers. As if this wasn’t serious enough, recently it was reported that there is soil contamination in this region as well.

The tragic stories of textile and other factory workers and their families in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, and other countries have made our determination even stronger. Check out our online magazine if you’d like to know more (we’ll put links up to some excellent documentaries by Canadians).

North is about community, acceptance of and respect for our differences, and caring for each other and our environment

Care for our community

We care about our friends, family, customers, community and our environment. Our skilled artisans are Canadians who live, work and contribute to our local communities right here in Canada. Please join us in contributing to a stranger in need – read our article about Lucia’s Fund.

We’re also a 100% Canadian-owned and operated company. That’s becoming kind of rare these days.

We’ve paid, and will continue to pay our fair share of taxes here in Canada on 100% of our sales to you.

We’d like companies that do business here in Canada by selling us goods and services to PAY TAXES ON 100% OF THOSE REVENUES here in Canada. Unlike most people, our eyes don’t glaze over when you mention the word tax (we guess it’s because of our professional accounting training and corporate accounting management background).

It’s an issue of morality and ethics – taxes provide essential funding for services that Canadians value, such as roads and infrastructure, health care, senior care, education, and more. When revenues are shifted to lower tax jurisdictions (like Ireland), hidden in foreign banks (Switzerland), or transferred to tax havens (like the Cayman Islands), ordinary Canadians pay more and more for less, and the wealth gap continues to widen between the rich and everyone else. That gap seems to be increasing faster than you can say “why are we paying taxes when they aren’t?”

Care for our environment

We are committed to making our best effort to recognize the potential impact of our decisions and activities on society and the environment, not just here in Canada, but across the world.

Where possible, we’ll measure and monitor the impacts of all aspects of design, sourcing, production, distribution and end use (including end of life):

  • a substantial portion of our raw materials are produced in Canada (product and raw materials are only imported if there is no comparable Canadian version, and quality and demand must require it)
  • we use efficient means of storage and distribution, to minimize the impact of global transport
  • we monitor current and future trends, including raw materials, production, distribution, consumer and end of life use


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