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In a crowded online marketplace, it’s easy to get confused about choosing a GREAT meditation cushion. We think you’re in the right place.

What’s important? What should you look for?
Exceptional quality, local Canadian manufacture by skilled artisans, good customer testimonials, prompt attention to your order, and great customer service. A good price would be a bonus on top of that.

We offer a well-made series of meditation products, artisan-crafted by us in our workshops here in Canada, and for an affordable price, without the added costs of wholesale distribution, retail markups or commissions. We don’t waste time on marketing or advertising. You’ve found us because you looked for us, or a friend told you about us. We’ve got pages of testimonials from our customers, all honest and unsolicited.


A little background about us:

We started this journey many years ago, but most recently (founded 2005) as Zafu! Zafu! Canada’s Meditation Shop. Over time, we built up a faithful group of customers, champions of our hand-made Canadian meditation products.

In 2015, we made a shift, restructured our company, and changed our name to North Meditation Inc.

You’ll see us doing business under these tradenames: NORTH or NORTH MEDITATION or NORTH Canada’s Mindfulness & Meditation Experts – we’re all of those entities.

.. an intelligent savvy website for a community of craftspeople that immediately gave me a new trust and sense of hope..

Who is North?


  • We’re a small group of highly skilled and experienced Canadian artisans—long-term yoga and meditation practitioners whose contemplative approach is awareness of presence.
  • Our day begins and ends with meditation and we infuse our products and services with the fruits of these ancient practices. Serving you is one way we bring these practices alive in our everyday life. We also use what we sell.
  • Over the past decade, a gradual shift took place for us, as corporate management and environmental research positions gave way to intensive periods of meditation training, retreats, and pursuits beyond the busy-ness of daily life.
  • As the natural next step in our evolution, we wanted to bring everyone together as a community, to share and express with one another, in a way unique to cold-climate meditators!
  • North Meditation is the natural expression of this shift into community. It’s not about making money, although we do have some bills to pay to support ourselves and our efforts here. North is about community, acceptance of and respect for our differences, and caring for each other and our environment.

Explore North’s ARTISAN-CRAFTED MADE in CANADA meditation products

Our products are not found in any stores but only through our online store. This allows us to price our products affordably, without having to go through a wholesaler or spend a lot on overhead costs operating a bricks and mortar storefront. It also allows us to focus completely on producing the highest quality products and responding quickly to your needs.

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