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We’ve been getting more requests lately for our Artisan-Crafted Made in Canada by North™ All-Canadian Pine Meditation Bench. Several people have asked about photos of them. We’ve actually never had a photo of our own benches online before, despite having sold quite a number of them over the years!

Usually benches are in high demand, so they go out the door as soon as we finish them. Often they are for retreats, so we have a deadline to meet.

The items are beautiful. I loved the smell of the wood bench.

A general guide to our meditation bench sizes
TALL 5’10” or taller
Back 9″ Front 8.25″
MEDIUM average height
Back 7″ Front 6.50″
SMALL 5′ or less
Back 5″ Front 4.75″

Our TALL MEDITATION BENCH  may be more suitable for individuals who meet the definition of a “person of size” or “large”. The extra height in a tall bench may help provide more of a gap at the back of the knees.

We’re still working on photos! A proper photo session means setting up our workshop with a lot of photo gear – it requires specialized lighting, backdrops, reflectors, a flair for setting items up to show them off at their best, and lots and lots of shots (we know a food blogger who takes 300 shots of a single dish). We’ve got all of that and more, thanks to Len’s long term interests in photography and video.

We don’t photoshop them in any way (other than some witty or cheeky text) – you’re always looking at the real thing when it comes to product on our website,  – but it’s a question of time and where we devote our energies.

We don’t usually do a photo shoot unless we have a lot of product to take photos of, as it can take several days to do the setup, take-down, edit and finalize for the website.

Anyway, we do have two photos of them in action, and here’s one:

Our standard style meditation bench. ARTISAN-CRAFTED in CANADA by NORTH MEDITATION

This is our standard height meditation bench (our sitter is 5’6″ in height). It’s made of Canadian Select Pine (few or no knots), and kiln-dried. We sell them unfinished (bare), so you can finish them yourselves, or let them age naturally and gracefully.

This posture is called seiza or kneeling posture, and it’s very popular, as well as being a good relief position for those who sit cross-legged while meditating.

As you can see, this person has a beautiful upright posture, maintains the natural curves of the spine (from the neck right down to the base of the spine), and appears to be quite relaxed and comfortable. There’s good distance between the back of the legs and the top of the calves.

The feet are relaxed, and there’s good width between the feet.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to protect your knees when practicing, whether it’s meditation or yoga.

While it’s not essential to have a zabuton for bench sitting, you should use something to protect the knees and ankles. A folded blanket that goes between the bench legs is an acceptable alternate.

I received the bench and it is perfect. Thanks so much!

Our tall bench is the same width as our small and medium, but 2″ higher. Both have our proprietary leg cuts – you can’t see them in this picture as they are at the BASE of the bench, where they belong. Slightly rounded, with two angle cuts, this means that you are not forced into a fixed sitting posture, but can gently ease in and out of your posture, as a bit of relief. This is especially useful during long teisho (zen talks, much like Christian sermons).

I am using a bench I bought recently at a retreat right now. It feels great and really helps my posture.

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