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Canadian Art

North Meditation is pleased to announce that we are now offering original oil paintings by emerging Canadian artists.  Canadian art…

Shipping Updates | North Meditation

Canada Post Updates

Our customers have overwhelmingly chosen Canada Post to ship their orders. Holiday volumes are expected to be high. Place your order early, and allow a little bit more time to receive it.

Jizo photo by North Meditation Canada

Who is Jizo?

This popular figure is seen
almost everywhere in Japan

be peace - north meditation canada

In memory of Marilyn

This morning we learned of the passing of a dear friend’s adult daughter, Marilyn.

Laundry in Wartime

Planet-Friendly Care

Climate change is everyone’s responsibility
How can we shrink our carbon footprint?

Sleep and Disease | North Meditation Magazine

Sleep and Disease

Our helpful index to various articles and research studies about sleep and disease and their interrelation.



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