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We’ll continue to update this post as necessary to keep you informed about any service disruptions.


If you’re purchasing something for a Christmas gift, we are unable to guarantee delivery in time.
We’re among the various regions across Canada experiencing inclement weather, and that means Canada Post has and will have service interruptions.

We wish you all a safe and happy holiday season, and a healthy and prosperous New Year!

Canada Post and its union of workers have a tentative agreement, and shipping should be back to normal.

30th August 2016: Tentative Agreements

Bargaining continued until the early hours of this morning and we have now achieved two agreements in principle, one for each of the RSMC and Urban Bargaining Units. The negotiating committee has unanimously recommended to the National Executive Board that we accept these agreements in principle. The majority of the National Executive Board has voted to accept these agreements and are recommending that the membership ratify them. We achieved these agreements because we remained strong and maintained our strategy.



The strike mandate that CUPW (the postal workers’ union) received from its members has expired at the end of 60 days (Aug 25th). There were two options: (1) A written agreement between Canada Post Corp (a CROWN corp) and CUPW to extend the agreement, or (2) CUPW gives 72 hrs notice of strike action on or before Aug 25th. In lieu of these two options, the mandate will expire and CUPW would have to go back to its members for a new strike mandate.

According to one worker we spoke with on Aug 25th, management has refused to sign an agreement extending the strike mandate by 24 hours as recommended by the Federal Government’s Labour Minister. CUPW has cancelled their press conference for Aug 25th, and are meeting with their NEB (National Executive Board). Postal workers are reporting to duty and processing the mail, but as with any workplace, there are concerns about what is likely to happen.

It’s very clear that without a strike mandate, CUPW has no bargaining leverage. “Canada Post wants to drag out pay equity with binding arbitration, a process that could take years or even decades”, says CUPW’s chief negotiators in their latest update.

We support CUPW and urban postal workers!

Canada Post and the union CUPW have settled the rural postmasters and postal works dispute through arbitration. It’s not the outcome that the union wanted, as the arbitrator sided with Canada Post, but they will respect this decision.

We’re back to monitoring the situation again. Since we ship coast to coast, this could impact some shipments. We’ll be switching back to courier in order to keep shipments flowing.



Previous notices

29th August 2016: Strike Notice Extended and Mediation Continues

No settlement has been reached, but as requested by the mediators, the parties have agreed to extend the 72-hour notice under Section 87.2 of the Canada Labour Code for 24 hours. This means all job action is postponed until 00:01AM on Tuesday, August 30th. Also, all changes of employment are postponed for the 24-hour period and the collective agreements remain in effect.

As we have throughout negotiations, we remain determined to negotiate collective agreements that will meet the needs of postal workers and improve services to the public.

28th August 2016: The Mail will still be delivered! No Overtime Hours in Alberta and NWT

Job action in the form of a refusal of overtime will start in the province of Alberta and in the Northwest Territories on Monday morning if no settlement is reached, according to the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. However, the Union wants people to know they’ll still be getting their mail.

“Our action will cause little to no disruption for the public. We’ll still be delivering mail every day,” explained Mike Palecek, national president of the CUPW.

“We simply want to draw attention to our negotiation issues by asking our full-time members across the country to work only their scheduled hours. Part-time members can still extend to eight hours but will not accept overtime.”

The Canada Post 2016 second Quarter Financial Report has been released and it contains lots of good news for postal workers and for the public. The Report reveals that even without a rate increase for letters, CPC has reported record revenues from operations. It also reported its best financial results since 2010. All indications are that 2016 will be a very profitable year, despite the efforts of management to instruct large volume mailers to avoid mailing in June 2016 in anticipation of a planned lock-out.

26th August 2016: Strike Action Notice
CUPW has notified members that rural postal workers will only work their regular scheduled hours. Full-time Urban postal workers will work their regular hours but  no overtime. Part-time and temporary urban postal workers may work up to 8 hours but no overtime.

These actions will occur on a rotating basis province-to-province. We expect some delay in shipments, but would like to continue to support Canada Post if we can. We will monitor the situation closely in case action escalates.

25th Aug 2016: 72 hour Notice of Strike Action
CUPW (Canadian Union of Postal Workers) has issued a 72 hour notice of strike action.

According to CUPW senior negotiators, Canada Post management has been drawing out talks and refused to give CUPW an extension to the expiration of their strike mandate from members. Obtaining a new strike mandate could take several months and would be costly. CUPW wants to continue to deliver the mail, but feels that no movement has taken place on key issues in the contract negotiations.