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We try to minimize the use of water in our own daily lives, and in our work. Water is an extremely precious respillow-buckwheat-montreal at nightource, and although Canada seemingly has an abundance of fresh water, we will need to share it with many more people in the future.

Want to know more? This article at explains.

It’s part of our meditation (zen) training, to be conscious of, and minimize the use of water and harmful cleaners.

As part of our contribution, we do not make zafus or zabutons with removeable covers. We don’t wash them.

What do retreat and meditation centres do?

We’ve attended many zen retreats and have found that they regularly vacuum or sweep dust: daily during retreats, and weekly outside of retreats.

From managing the laundry at retreats, we know that there’s far more laundry to do in terms of kitchen towels, hand towels, and bed sheets once the retreats are over.

Care recommendations for meditation mats & cushions:

Dust control is the biggest problem you’re going to have. Remove it with a lint roller (recommended) – we buy them in bulk at Costco, or a hand vacuum with a beater brush like a dust devil.

Remember this – The Number 1 rule: Keep pets, children, food & drink away from the mats & cushion, and spot clean if necessary.

Try not to let the bare skin come into contact with the fabric – the oils of the skin can soil the fabric and are difficult to clean (wear long skirt/pants and socks).

If you do have a pet, it’s best to choose a colour that won’t show fur or hair that has been shed.

If you will not be using your mats or cushions for a prolonged period of time, you may wish to pack them in a box or blanket bag so that dust or cobwebs do not accumulate. Don’t leave them in a musty  or damp place (see below for removing musty smells).

Care recommendations for buckwheat hull pillows:

We strongly recommend the use of a zippered pillow protector (goes over the buckwheat hull pillow) AND a pillowcase.

These two items can be laundered regularly and will help keep the pillow’s outer casing clean.

If you find you must wash the pillow itself, REMOVE CONTENTS FIRST, and then use a cold wash, cold rinse and hang to dry!


Theoretically, our buckwheat hull-filled products like cushions & pillows can be cleaned, BUT the contents MUST be removed first. That’s not as difficult as putting the contents back in. We use custom-designed equipment to fill our cushions & pillows to an optimal volume depending on their use.

If you must clean sitting cushions due to an accident, please: REMOVE CONTENTS FIRST. Then cold/cold wash, hang to dry, no ironing.

The reason contents must be removed is because wet hulls are extremely heavy. It’s like washing a regular sleeping pillow, the weight and water will sit on one side of the machine and once the machine starts to spin, there’s a big risk of it becoming unbalanced and damaging the machine.

Zabutons cannot be washed, they are too bulky and the inner filling (cotton) might shift.

We do have some customers’ suggestions on how to treat them if a pet has had an accident.

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