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I’m writing to express my deep appreciation for the service and products you provided me with a few years ago. (Brenda P, Ontario, Canada)

A few years ago, I contacted you with the desire to perhaps purchase a zafu. I’d been a no-frills meditator in my younger days, as I had refused to make a ‘fetish’ out of using what I considered ‘frivolous props’.

But, as the years passed, I was no longer comfortable meditating while sitting on my bed. My back and muscles had begun screaming in protest). I thought perhaps a zafu would solve my problem – sweet and simple.



zen-style zafu cushion
zabuton meditation mat
zen support pillow
zen foam wedge
enso pearl timer

I found a contact number for your store, and you suggested a few things:  a zafu, a zabuton, a small rectangular pillow on which to rest my hands, and a foam wedge to prop up the back end of my zafu (to raise my hips a touch if needed).

Hmmm, I thought – “this is a lot of frivolous propping I’d be ordering here.”

But I was so taken with your knowledge of meditation (I still remember your saying how you were taught to “dig one hole, and dig it deep,” and this has stayed with me) and your patience with me. So, I ordered it all – ALL of it! And since I was spending all this money, I threw caution to the wind and ordered an Enso Pearl timer. Why not?! 😉

Dig One Hole zafu testimonial
thanks! from North

So, these days I have my seated posture down to a science and I’m 100% comfortable during every meditation. It’s a perrrfect setup for me, and I’m so grateful for your patience, knowledge, and understanding with me that day. It was worth every penny I spent. Since I’m now tearing up ;), I’ll just end this with: THANK YOU

Sincerely, Brenda P, Ontario, Canada

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