What to do about laundry when travelling?

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One of the challenges in going on a meditation or spiritual retreat is minimizing what you take with you.

That’s apart from mental baggage, of course. Mental baggage can sometimes be fertile ground, if you’re in a supportive environment.

We found this great post by Matthew Karsten, the Expert Vagabond and thought we’d share it here.

He talks about four different laundry techniques that he uses with great success:

  • The Aloksak Bag Method
  • The Sink Wash Approach
  • The Coin-Operated Procedure
  • Art of the Laundry Lady

As a laundry worker at zen sesshin (retreats), I can attest that the more clean towels you provide, the more people will use and discard them to be cleaned. Hand cleaners are more portable and do not require water, soap, towels or electricity. Just a thought.

Remember, water is a precious resource. Don’t waste it if you don’t need it.

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