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We occasionally get some love from our customers.

This is from a dharma teacher who practices and teaches in the Korean Zen tradition. We’ve been making zen-style and tibetan-style zafu cushions for him and his students for a number of years now. It always makes us happy to receive an order from them, and we were thrilled to receive this unsolicited testimonial recently:

“I am buying my zafu(s) from you for years and refer all my Zen students to you.
Great products indeed.
Congratulations to the family for this wonderful Canadian company.”



zen-style zafu meditation cushion
tibetan-style zafu meditation cushion

I never hesitate to refer my students to you because of your professionalism and quality of your products.

He says: “If you [have been] meditating for a while, and planning to continue … [sitting] on the floor is a logical step since you become “grounded” with a perfect straight position.

Falling asleep on a cushion is also harder. The [cross-legged problems] will disappear with time. [note from north: more sitting is the prescription here]

I [have been] buying them for years at ** (No financial incentive with this company)

This family business … produces wonderful equipment and they will help you regarding what type of zafu to buy. Pricing and shipping are great.


Our zafu meditation cushions are made by traditional zen practitioners

Always handcrafted at North’s artisan workshop right here in Canada – never imported

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