Gratitude from Brenda

I’m writing to express my deep appreciation for the service and products you provided me with a few years ago….

North Meditation Magazine Canada

Inventory Clearance

We recently took a deep dive into our inventory, and found some items that we’ll no longer be carrying. All…

Canadian Art

North Meditation is pleased to announce that we are now offering original oil paintings by emerging Canadian artists.  Canadian art…

Shipping Updates | North Meditation

Canada Post Updates

Our customers have overwhelmingly chosen Canada Post to ship their orders. Holiday volumes are expected to be high. Place your order early, and allow a little bit more time to receive it.

Jizo photo by North Meditation Canada

Who is Jizo?

This popular figure is seen
almost everywhere in Japan

be peace - north meditation canada

In memory of Marilyn

This morning we learned of the passing of a dear friend’s adult daughter, Marilyn.

Laundry in Wartime

Planet-Friendly Care

Climate change is everyone’s responsibility
How can we shrink our carbon footprint?