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Sleep and Disease

Our helpful index to various articles and research studies about sleep and disease and their interrelation.



Zen Master writes: “I never hesitate to refer my students to you because of your professionalism and quality of your products.”

The Compassionate Consumer | North Meditation Magazine

Child Labour in India

Compassionate consumers ask “Where was this product made?” Searching for the cheapest price? Read this article first.

The Compassionate Consumer | North Meditation Magazine

Children For Sale

Take a minute to look at this video and sign an online petition. What’s the true cost of the “cheapest price”?


Web crawlers (human)

A few reviews of our new updated North Meditation website and North magazine.

The Compassionate Consumer | North Meditation Magazine

Must-See Documentaries

Documentaries are our window on the world without travel. A good filmmaker can get into places we can’t, and give us a different perspective.

A Canadian Flag eh?

ADHD feels like this

ADDers don’t have an attention problem. We can stay on task, it’s just that we don’t always get to chose what task grabs our attention.


A gift to my partner

What to buy if you’re going on a vipassana retreat – from one loving partner to another!


Gratitude from Brenda

I’m writing to express my deep appreciation for the service and products you provided me with a few years ago….

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An incredible amount of work has gone into this newly upgraded website and its magazine. Over a number of years,…