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montreal at night
Montreal at night – photo by abdullahh 2012-07-01

Here’s what our Montreal and other Quebec customers have to say about our products and exceptional service:

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Elegant zen-style zafu by North Meditation
Patty ordered this elegant design zafu meditation cushion

Very excited about this purchase and that you are a Canadian company! Great website. I just happened upon this website today and was so impressed I bought the order as a gift for my boyfriend. Shanelle, Calgary, Alberta

I got my meditation cushion! Thanks so much for the rush job. It looks and feels great. Had to show it to the rest of the gang at work. Cheers,
Lorel, Calgary, Alberta

Good evening, Just want to take a minute to say a big Thanks for shipping the cushion quickly … I did receive it in time for my mediation retraite.. I like the cushion…. Thx, Alain, Gatineau, Quebec

thank you. we love our new cushions! Jennifer L, Calgary, Alberta

I very much appreciate how you handled my concern, sorry if there was a confusion during the ordering. Very excellent customer service! I will be sure to pass along my fantastic experience dealing with you and your company. Have your self a great week-end! Namaste 🙂 David, Stony Plain, Alberta (ok, not Quebec, but we don’t have an Alberta page yet)

I received my [Flowers, leaves & berries design zafu]  cushion yesterday and used it this morning. I love it! Thanks and great job! Patty, Montreal, Quebec

I received my zafu and zabuton yesterday. Thank you it was very fast 🙂 and enjoy them this morning during my meditation. [Note: we received a subsequent email asking for advice about discomfort when doing longer sitting up to 30 min, and responded with more detailed advice based on our experience with lengthy meditation retreats]

THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH, I appreciate your time and dedication to help me. I’ll check it all out and pay attention to my sitting position. I can relate with a few thing you are saying. Thanks again! Namaste Maru, Brossard, Quebec

The bench with cushion arrived yesterday. Love it! Thank you so much for all your efforts. I am really pleased that I can take it on retreat with me. Had a back-up borrow just in case but this is perfect. It weighs almost nothing! I am happy that the delay provided me with opportunity to connect relatively directly with you … a pleasure. Enjoy Autumn’s last sigh … so elegant and dignified. Thank you again for the work and the care. Warm wishes, Diane, Montreal, Quebec

This company cares about its reputation and service

I really appreciate all the extra efforts you are doing on my behalf. Shipping issues can be a pain. Once I get my order rest assured I will speak highly of your store to Sangha at our dojo here in Montreal 🙂 Sergio, Montreal, Quebec

Thank you for your very professional and kind inquiry [follow-up on shipment]. We indeed had some trouble with reception, due to our own fault (renovations at our home made it hard for the post office workers to leave the package). We did track the items though and managed to get the zafus just on time to leave for a meditation retreat where they were much appreciated! Thank you again for your work! Marilyne, Montreal, Quebec

I received the Zafu-Zabuton combo this afternoon, it is great, I like the quality and the zafu is very comfortable. I love it! Thanks very much for mailing it very fast, I will be using it in meditation retreat in two weeks. Adriana S, Montreal, Quebec

Thanks to you my wife was able to give me everything on time for my birthday, and I’m very happy with the quality of the items I ordered. Jean L, Drummondville, Quebec

I got my package ! Thank you very much for your quick service ! Leo C, Montreal, Quebec

This email is coming a little late, but I just wanted to thank you very much for your prompt delivery of the meditation mat and cushion I ordered less than a week before Christmas! It arrived here in Montreal on the 22nd of December, which I wasn’t expecting, as I had ordered it as late as Dec. 18th. Anyway, I just wanted to take a minute to extend my appreciation for your service. And of course, my boyfriend is thoroughly enjoying this special gift.
Excellent quality and feel of the materials. He has set up a special place for his meditation, which he has now made a daily practice! – thanks to his lovely new zafu cushion and mat!! Sofie, Montreal, Quebec

Great stuff! CG, Montreal, Quebec

I purchased a grey/black zafu, a black zabuton and a black support cushion. They have just arrived and they are just perfect. PERFECT!!! Beautiful and comfortable. The extra grey support cushion has made it to Montreal in perfect shape. The whole grey/black set is just gorgeous. Many, many thanks. Marie L, Montreal, Quebec

I wasn’t able to leave feedback on your website, but I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with my buckwheat pillow 🙂 With the extra hulls, it made the height and firmness exactly what I needed. Thank you! Cindy M, Lachine, Quebec

Enso Pearl Yoga and Meditation Timer
Enso Pearl Yoga and Meditation Timer

Thank you so much for your time and generosity.  We are anticipating its arrival [Enso Pearl meditation timer] as we had ordered this product before Christmas from another website who in the end could not get any from the supplier. We were pleasantly surprised when we investigated another source to find that North [Zafu] had some in stock. After receiving such great service from North [Zafu] this is the site we will use and recommend to our friends to check out first when they are looking to purchase something online. Thank you again!! Have a great day!! Peace, Harmony, Trust, Joy and Love Carol Lynn, Pierrefonds, Quebec

I don’t know how you did it but I received the [Enso clock] timer today. Time is therefore an illusion.
Thank you for the excellent service and super quick shipping. Jean-Claude, Outremont, Quebec

Thanks Susan, You are very nice! All the testimonials on the website about you must be true then! I’ll tell you how I like it soon! Best regards, and good night!

Update: I just received my zabuton! It’s perfect! Every business should have a “Susan” among their staff! Great service! But beware, if I don’t attain nirvana on that zabuton, I might ask for a refund ;-)! Robert, Sutton, Quebec

Thanks for the prompt and friendly service!

The zafu is already here and I love it! Perfect! Nice and big for my long legs. Thanks so much, Christine, St-Adolphe, Quebec

Montréal 1945. Rue Saint-Ferdinand – photo by Philippe du Berger

We receive the package today [Dark Chocolate zafu/zabuton combo]. Thank you for the update yesterday. My spouse is very happy with her gift. Have a nice day. Jean-Guy, Verdun, Quebec

I received my stuff [Tuscan Tan zen-style zafu and Dark Chocolate zabuton] and I love it. Great quality. Kim, Saint-Lazare, Quebec

Well, I thank you for all your efforts and appreciate very much all you did (so does my wife – note: this was a birthday gift from his wife), it was fun doing business with you. <Jean L (Johnny BeGood), Drummondville, Quebec

I am very pleased with how quickly you responded to my email, it’s so easy to purchase from you! Daniel C, Gatineau, Quebec

I am sure your product is as great as your service [note: shipment was in transit] Vladimir, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec

I got the package this morning [1 day shipping], very high quality items, thank you! Chris G, Montreal, Quebec

That was quick! Just wanted to thank you for the fast delivery of my cushion. I’ve been using it for 2 nights and, even though I find it a bit overstuffed, I’ve been sleeping better. I may empty out a bit of the hulls and save them for later in case the others get smashed down with use or the cushion itself stretches. Thanks again for everything! Fabienne, Gatineau, Quebec

The package arrived today and the timing could not have been better. I was just settling down for a sitting session when the the FedEx delivery person rang from the lobby. I don’t know if the Zafu! Zafu! gear is responsible, but I was able to sit for longer and without my lower legs going to sleep. Fantastic! Thanks so much. Cheers. Roger R, Outremont, Quebec

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