Can you meditate while laying down?

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Adapted Yoga and Meditation

What does one do when you’re not able to meditate sitting upright? Fortunately there are supports and pillows that will provide a firm, stable foundation so you can relax and go deeper into your practice.

You can create quite a comfortable setup for meditation while laying down with our meditation cushions, zen pillows, a blanket, and for extra cushioning underneath, a thicker yoga mat.

Our zen support pillows are approximately 16 x 12″ unfilled, and approx 16 x 10″ when filled. We fill them fuller than our travel pillows because they are meant to support more weight.

  • 2.5″ height when flat (this makes a great travel pillow, and it’s also great for placing under a Tibetan-style zafu to add more height)
  • 5″ height when turned on its long side (can be used under a Tibetan-style zafu in seiza kneeling posture)
  • 9″ height when stood on its short side – use this for hand support when sitting crosslegged, or place in your lap

Our cushions and pillows are ARTISAN-CRAFTED in CANADA by NORTH™. Each one can be adjusted for height – the pillows have zippers and the cushions have sturdy velcro closures.

We offer several kinds of blankets:

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