Our body clock is not alone | Sleep and insomnia

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Sleep and insomnia

Our body clock is not alone

Apparently our “body clock” isn’t just a single clock, it’s billions of them, embedded into every cell in our body. If we disrupt that population of body clocks, we’re really affecting every cell in our body. That’s a scary thought for those of us who suffer from poor sleep (whether initiating or maintaining sleep during the night).


If you suffer from insomnia, you know that it’s almost impossible to fall asleep during one of these bouts. Inevitably, you toss and turn, trying to find that sweet spot with your pillow, trying not to look at the clock (but you do, and it reminds you of how you are failing at the apparently simplest thing in the world to do – let go).

One insomniac’s solution

Recently, one of our colleagues had a series of about 3 sleepless nights. Yet he napped frequently during the day, not just a 20 minute nap (which is the recommended length, no longer), but a series of snoozes, 20 minutes snoozed into several hours. So it was not surprising that the nighttime insomnia gremlin was about to kick back!

This individual has obstructive sleep apnea, so uses a C-PAP machine at night, to help keep his airways open. However, it’s not a complete solution.

We suggested timing the naps.
And not snoozing the timer
(or just once).
And then, getting up and being active, rather than just getting up and sitting down with a mobile device or at his desk.

It was hard, the first day, to stay up. He’d been in the habit of hitting the pillow whenever he felt tired (or bored). He timed his nap, two of them. And then stayed up until what should have been his regular bedtime. So far, so good.

The first night was a better night’s sleep. The second night, even better. The third, resolved. Temporarily, since insomnia is one of those annoying aspects of life that strikes when you least expect it (and when you usually need a good night’s sleep).

One needs to be aware of sleep hygiene during the day and nighttime. Tweaking one can often be to the detriment of the other.

Are you a shift-worker? You should check out this interesting article at The Guardian UK.

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