Our Pricing Structure

We believe in affordable goods made right here in Canada

We’ve worked hard for over a decade to refine our business model so that it works for both you AND for us.

We’re well-known for making top quality zafu meditation cushions, wooden kneeling benches & zabuton mats, as well as buckwheat hull pillows. We’ve grown our business slowly by paying attention to the little things that are important to meditation and mindfulness practitioners.

This company cares about its reputation and service

We’ve applied principles learned from our years in business and manufacturing to NORTH MEDITATION. As we assessed each stage of design, production, quality inspection, packing, shipping and customer service and support, we eliminated what we felt was in excess and unnecessary. We KEPT the great quality, materials and attention to detail that we are known for.


Want to know how we offer a wholesale equivalent price?


Our handmade products are SOLD ONLINE ONLY – and sealed for your protection. We make your order exclusively for you – nobody else has returned it – and ship it directly to you, door to door. We’ve been doing this for over a decade, starting with our colleagues at meditation centres and retreats, and many large institutions across Canada.


WHAT YOU PAY HERE AT NORTH for our artisan-crafted in Canada goods:

  1. North’s Canadian artisans workshop cost + small markup PLUS
  2. shipping & handling (usually at our commercial cost)
  3. ⇒ EQUALS a GREAT price for YOU!


Here’s THE HIDDEN COSTS of what you usually pay elsewhere (in-store or online):

  1. FACTORY cost + markup PLUS
  2. shipping & handling (plus any international freight + brokerage fees) PLUS
  3. any foreign exchange conversion (US$ to C$) PLUS
  4. WHOLESALER cost + markup PLUS
  5. shipping & handling PLUS
  6. RETAIL (or studio) cost + profit PLUS
  7. shipping & handling (free shipping is never free)
  8. EQUALS FINAL selling price

That’s a lot of extra costs!


Our artisans are shareholders and don’t make a salary unless the products sell. And it’s a modest amount, since we usually re-invest in the business. We’re more interested in making stuff that you enjoy and that makes your life more interesting and comfortable than in a capitalistic business model. We’ve had plenty of experience in the latter, believe us! It just doesn’t fit our values. That’s why we’re here.

Here’s what you WON’T pay for

NO BRICKS AND MORTAR STORE. Big savings right there. Turning the lights and heat off instead of waiting for customers to show up means savings in your pocket. Rental fees are yuuge these days. We like to remain flexible.

We prefer to spend that time working hard on making stuff for you. Sometimes we meditate. Sometimes we do both at the same time. It lets us focus on what WE do best. And you don’t have to drive across town or hop into a subway and wait in line for a limited selection.

NO COMMISSIONS. EVER. We don’t pay sales commissions to anyone to sell our products. Craft vendors on Amazon and Etsy pay commissions of 15-20% right off the top. That goes to companies that we don’t think even pay corporate taxes here in Canada (their head office might be in Panama, Luxembourg, Ireland, Switzerland, or the Cayman Islands). Outrageous!

What else? “Shipped by Amazon” means the vendor uses Amazon to warehouse the products (add more $ to your price, but who knows what else is in the warehouse?). Double outrageous!

NO WHOLESALE MARKUP. NEVER EVER. We charge what we feel is a FAIR price for our craftsmanship. Hey, we have to eat and have a roof over our heads too.

It’s common practice for every stage of distribution to add 40, 50, or 100% to the sale price of a product. Factory to wholesaler or distributor to retailer? Who ends up paying $$$ for these markups, and the extra shipping stages from factory to retailer? YOUTriple quadruple outrageous!

Or, as Bernie Sanders might say:

Bernie Sanders 2016
Bernie Sanders – photo by Phil Roede

Still here?

Have a look at our shop, learn more,  read our online magazine, check out these unsolicited testimonials from our customers, and get to know us!