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Laundry in Wartime

Fresh water is one of our most precious resources. We waste massive amounts of water producing and washing clothes, never mind flushing it down the drain.

What’s NOT on the label of your cotton t-shirt?

Definitely not the 2,700 litres of water it takes to make ONE cotton t-shirt. Just imagine checking out 2,700 one litre bottles at the grocery store with your imported cotton t-shirt.

Caring for your clothes

One load of washing uses 40 gallons of water. One load of drying uses 5 times more energy than washing.

Skip the ironing and drying of your t-shirt, and reduce this item’s carbon footprint by one third.

Raising awareness of your water footprint

  • Go dirty – skip the laundry for a few days, only wash the essentials, and hang dry if you can
  • Fix those leaky faucets!
  • Watch this great little video from the World Wildlife Federation and National Geographic

In the kitchen, don’t run the dishwasher unless it’s full, and let it air dry from the heat rather than using the dry cycle.

In the bathroom, remember this little rhyme:

If it’s yellow, let it mellow
If it’s brown, flush it down

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