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Product and Customer News & Reviews Index

Most people feel much more comfortable about buying online once they read some of our reviews, and feedback from our customers. Enjoy this index to those articles on our magazine, so just follow the links! We’ll continue to update this, so check back.

Product News

How to Choose a Meditation Cushion (Zafu) Part 1 – confused? we’re not.

How to Choose a Meditation Cushion (Zafu) Part 2

All Canadian Meditation Benches – you asked for it! More details and photos of our NORTH designed meditation bench. Rigorously retreat-tested by our bench-making artisans.


Product & Customer Reviews

Toronto Ontario Reviews – testimonials from Toronto and Ontario customers

Montreal Quebec Reviews – testimonials from Montreal and Quebec customers

Buckwheat Hull Pillow Reviews – testimonials from across Canada from our customers

A Gift For My Partner

Gratitude from Brenda

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