***** NOTE ***** shipping charges are no longer automatically charged from our website. Please contact us for shipping costs – include your postal code and what you are ordering, and we will get back to you with a prompt quote.

Shipping Confirmation Email: We send you an email when your order has been completed and booked for shipping with the carrier (Canada Post or courier). Track your order enroute using the tracking number and links we sent to you when we processed your shipment. Please allow up to 48 hours for the tracking number to be active in the carrier’s online system.


You can reach us through our customer helpdesk by sending an email to us at: helpdesk1  { AT }  northmeditation [dot] com  – take out the brackets & spaces, and replace AT with the @ sign, and replace the dot with a period.


If you have a tracking number, you can check your shipment’s status online using the links below. This is the most up-to-date information available.  •  •


We go through a multi-stage process when we get your order.

PLEASE BE PATIENT – our artisan-crafted meditation and pillow products really ARE made by us. They’re not shipped from some dusty warehouse or imported from overseas. Good things take time and hey, sometimes we’re just really busy with orders!

track your shipment

Step #1

a) You review your order details
b) We get to work behind the scenes on processing your order.

Processing time includes:

  • detailed order checking
  • production scheduling & actual production (timing varies depending on many variables)
  • inspection & quality control
  • careful packaging and booking your shipment with Canada Post (or a courier, if applicable).

The processing stage might take 1-7 business days (not calendar days), and depends on order volumes and production cycles. We work on a first-come-first-served basis, except for larger or institutional orders, which we schedule in advance (it’s complicated, based on a number of variables). In general, larger orders or combos take longer to prepare. If we think it’s taking longer than usual, we’ll get in touch with you.

Step #2

This is actually the last step of processing your order, and it’s when you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking details. Once electronic tracking is activated, you can track its progress at any time, as it moves through distribution centres and out for delivery. you can check your shipment’s status online at one of these links: or www.uNorth ships across or 

Please note that volume and weather related delays are out of our control, and may occur at any time of the year. If this is a gift being sent directly, please let the recipient know it’s coming so it is not returned to sender. Shipping times vary depending on where your order is being shipped. We ship coast to coast right across Canada and up to the Yukon & Northwest Territories!

Step #3

We’ll both get a delivery confirmation email when your order arrives. We read all feedback, so you can use your order confirmation email to contact us.

Step #2 shipping in-transit time

This can vary depending on whether it’s going to an urban area (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver) or a regional area (rest of Ontario, etc) or a rural area. We’ll post a chart in future that gives approximate transit times.

In general, for Toronto and GTAA , it’s about 1-2 business days (added to the processing time in Step #1). Most other major cities and regions are 2-4 business days. Rural areas can take 5-13 business days (especially if the shipment misses the ferry to remote islands).

How do you calculate shipping charges?

Shipping charges are based on your shopping cart. Our website is set up to pack your order efficiently, and obtain real-time quotes from shipping servers online. We can’t tell what the charges might be until you tell us where it’s being shipped.

To find out the shipping charges applicable to your order, simply add items to your shopping cart, go to checkout (you won’t have to enter your credit card details yet), and add your postal code and province. This will bring up a selection of applicable shipping methods, and the correct tax for your order.

If you need to change items in your order, click on the shopping cart icon at the top of the screen to go back to your cart, and use the “x” symbol to remove items, or change the quantity, or continue shopping.

I get an error message saying “There are no shipping methods available”

This usually happens when you don’t put a valid postal code in at the checkout page. Typos happen. Try again.

On rare occasions, it’s because of server issues that we can’t control. We have a direct link to live commercial account quotes on Canada Post’s servers. On occasion, these servers are down for maintenance and upgrades, and can’t give a live quote. You can try again in a few minutes, or contact us through our helpdesk (see “Do you still need help? below). We can always set up a manual order and often quote a rate from a similar shipment.

If you have returned to your order and it still shows errors, try refreshing your browser window so it gets a current version of the webpage.

We want to know when this happens, as it usually means someone else is going to have the same problem!

Why don’t you offer free shipping?

Great question! We could, but we’d have to charge a lot more in order to cover the costs of shipping anywhere from Newfoundland and Labrador to the Yukon. We currently ship to every Canadian province and territory except for Nunavut (it’s not that we don’t like you folks in Nunavut, but wow, it’s really, really expensive to ship anything to you).

Our efficient business model means that you only pay the costs of shipping to your location, plus the product price, plus applicable taxes. You’re not subsidizing the shipping costs to anyone else by paying more for the product. Somewhere the seller has to cover these costs, and it always ends up in the price you pay. If not, that seller won’t be in business very long. There aren’t too many companies that can grow or sustain their business without covering their variable and fixed costs (unless they are not paying taxes). Take it from our resident professional accountant (Myoki).

Is local pickup available?

No. We do not offer local pickup.

My order says it shipped, but the tracking number doesn’t work

Patience, grasshopper! When we generate a shipping label, that means we have booked your shipment. It still has to arrive at the courier’s distribution hub and be scanned into their servers. Sometimes that takes a bit longer than expected. We’ve automatically subscribed you to email notifications for your order, so if there is an exception (delivery error or delay) or when it’s finally delivered, you’ll be notified by email.

My order says it delivered, but I don’t see it in my mailbox?

For Canada Post shipments: when their tracking tool indicates that a parcel was successfully delivered, it means the item arrived as addressed. Some addresses do not have deliveries directly to your door; you may need to check a second location like a mail room, front desk, or safe drop location.

Try these common locations before contacting us:

Delivery location Where to look for your item
A business 〉  Mailroom, front desk or security
An apartment building 〉  Security desk or superintendent
Community mailbox 〉  In your box or we’ll leave a key in your box for the parcel compartment.
Large company or institution (e.g. university) 〉  The mailroom. This is the final point of delivery. You may have a time lapse before the mailroom delivers the item (or notifies you to pick it up).
Safe drop 〉  A safe location on household premises. Check around the property to locate the item.

Note: In rare cases, a delivery scan is entered into Canada Post’s system before the item is delivered. If you cannot locate the item using the tips above, please allow 24 hours for updates or final delivery.



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