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A bit of feedback from our friendly (human) web crawlers

These comments always make our day!

I am a choreographer and former zen monk (still sitting). I came to your website looking for a couple of kapok zafus and 2 zabutons. What I found was an intelligent savvy website for a community of craftspeople that immediately gave me a new trust and sense of hope.

Irene: LOOKS GREAT with GOOD and relevant content. You overcame many obstacles to birth your business in what some would call one of our most challenging economic times. Your attention to detail and willingness not to sacrifice service and quality is proof that they are the core of good solid business practices. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Ana: Your new website is really lovely. My favourite bits are all the little personal elements. It’s really great. I was on it for an hour. Lol.

Brian: Very nice & clean. I’ll promote it on my Facebook page.

Ross: Looks great!

Gill: Woo-hoo!

(btw – our social media triggers are up top – we’re just figuring it all out ourselves)

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