Why you should buy a meditation bench

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Why would you need a meditation or mindfulness bench if you already own a meditation cushion?

During retreats, the body is subjected to stress as it tries to adjust to lengthy periods of sitting still without movement. Zen meditation (known as zazen) is particularly rigorous as monitors strictly enforce the “no moving” rule. In zen retreats (known as sesshin), 10 hours of meditation sitting is mandatory, and many students do extra sitting after the long day and evening sittings are over (normally the day starts at 4:00 am and ends at 9:30 pm).

No matter how much sitting you do outside of retreats (or sesshin), it’s almost impossible to replicate the environment of a formal retreat. It’s said that it takes the body about 3 days to settle in during a 7 day retreat.

From our extensive experience in lengthy sesshin/retreats, we heartily recommend adding a meditation bench to your gear setup. Even the most experienced meditation practitioners switch up their sitting gear from time to time.

Using a meditation bench can relieve some of the pain you might experience from sitting on a zafu meditation cushion. It’s also a great way to protect your joints from awkward sitting postures like the lotus, half-lotus, quarter-lotus, or any other sitting posture that puts pressure on the ankle, knee and/or hip joints.

Be kind to your body, and treat yourself to one of our all-Canadian pine meditation/mindfulness benches!

Seiza Meditation Bench in Pine

Our all-Canadian MEDITATION and MINDFULNESS pine kneeling benches are back in stock!

Over the spring months, we re-tooled our workshop and are really pleased to have these back in stock. Supply can be limited at times, so get one while they are in stock.

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